Bath/Shower Unit

We are the first company in Japan to produce and supply
“Bath/Shower unit for marine use”
which should be satisfied with Fire protection, vibration resistance and clients request.
The production volume exceeds 70,000 unit, since 1970 when production started.
We have the sales and supply network, not only for domestic but also for oversea delivery.

How to build the Bath/Shower Unit

Wooden Furniture

We produce the furniture and interior articles for marine.
We keep a furniture design in consideration of safety, comfort, convenience, design in mind.
Expert craftsmen make full use of various techniques and investigates the best quality.
We cope with the request including the special orders product such as original designs.

Other Primary Products

Materials for Accommodation of
Merchant ship & Passenger Vessel
Steel or Aluminum Door, Kitchen furniture
Windows, Portholes
Steel or SUS stairs
Welding hardware, Sheet metal article
Steel furniture
Chair, Sofa
Floor material(Vinyl sheet, Carpet, Ceramic tile)
Door lock(Master key system)
Other fixtures(nameplate, ship’s name board,
Emergency sign)
Decoration wall & ceiling, Other decorative goods
(Rolling screen, Art panel, Indirect lighting)

Please feel free to contact us
with questions about products
or any further requests.

We deal in construction material in Ryuwa Co Ltd that is our associated company.
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